About us

Welcome to Tony’s Table Tennis.

Tony’s Table Tennis was founded by Tony Chiang-Lin.
It all started out in 2012 as a community project to assist the South African Table Tennis community with coaching.
From there we identified many areas that requires special attention in order for all of us to move forward – both on and off the table.

With Tony’s vast international network of table tennis brands, international coaches and players, Tony’s Table Tennis have aligned to focus on 3 key areas:

1) Tony’s Table Tennis Shop.
A Professional Shop to cater for all your equipment needs.

2) Tony’s Table Tennis Academy.
A Professional Academy to cater for your “on the table” needs.

3) Tony’s Table Tennis Agency.
A Professional Agency, to cater for your “off the table” needs.

TCL Consulting PTY Ltd T/A Tony’s Table Tennis
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