Getting Cassel to the World Championships

Getting Cassel to the World Championships

Cassel Table Tennis club is from the rural village of Cassel, Northern Cape Province and I would like to raise funds to reward Coach Willice and 13 of his players to travel to Durban to watch the Table Tennis World Championships.

I have been involved and assisting Cassel Table Tennis Club over the years. Willice is not just a coach for the kids, but a mentor, a father and someone who brings hope to kids from areas forgotten by most. We are talking kids playing barefooted, playing outdoors, and playing table tennis on dirt/sand. Many kids sharing a table and eager to get a turn to play the sport they love. Though in a very difficult to understand tough environment, every time Willice send me photos,
the kids always has the best smiles.

Now a “once in a life time opportunity” is around the corner, onto the shores of Africa, South Africa, and to be exact – the city of Durban. However it is 14 hours’ drive…. accommodation and meals for 14 people, for 2 nights and the tickets to the world championships isn’t cheap.

I am calling upon table tennis fans and the general public from South Africa and around to world to please assist by rewarding the hard work of Coach Willice and to allow him to take those kids to watch the World Championships. These are not just table tennis fans, but these are kids that are taught to dream big and through Willice, they do know, hard work does pays off and it doesn’t matter where you come from (Yes, those are the exact words of Willice to those kids).

The proceeds of this campaign will go towards Willice and Cassel Table Tennis Club, to cover the travel costs (by car), for the most affordable accommodation we can find (we are not looking for expensive hotels), meals and the tickets.

Should the target not be made, the decision could be sending a reduce numbers of kids (we hope not to choose who goes), and/or if the target is underachieved (cannot go)/overachieved, we will put the funds towards resources for Cassel
Table Tennis Clubs, so the kids there are the true beneficiaries of your kindness.

We are looking to raise R68,200 or USD4,000.
Tickets (R18200)
Accommodation (+/-R20000)
Transportation (+/- R18000)
Meals (+/- R12000)

There are 3 ways to donate:

1) International – Paypal:

2) SA crowd funding link (Backabuddy):

3) SA direct EFT payment to Tony’s Table Tennis:
Bank Name: FNB,
Account Name: TCL Consulting, 
Account no: 62622694265,
Branch: Tygerberg (250655).
Please use “Cassel” as the reference, follow by your name.

For either payments methods, please do kindly email me – on your payment, so I can thank you and add you to the list of donors. Please do tell me if you wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you kindly.

Update (9 May)
SATTB President contacted Cassel and it seems like the ticket expense is now no longer (yay).  The transportation costs has gone up, while accommodation and meals have reduced a bit. New target to raise is R44000 (USD2400). As of 9 May, we are at R15000 (USD800)
Update (12 May)
We’ve done it!! Cassel is going to the World Championships!!
Read more here:

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