Haifu Seamoon Oil


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The Haifu Seamoon oil is one of the strongest and most popular booster oil in the world and enjoy by many top professional players around the world.

The use of Haifu Seamoon oil is at your own risk.



– Evenly apply on sponge, then naturally dry for 12-27 hours according to environment.

– Add another layer based on, based your own preference (for softer sponges, 1 layer is normally sufficient).

– Add water based glue on the sponge only when the rubber is completely flat and then adhere onto the blade as per normal.


Note 1: It is the users own responsibility to ensure the rubber does not go beyond the ITTF legal thickness limit of 4.00 mm. Too much booster oil could soften the sponge too much and/or damage the rubber.

Note 2: Rubber shrinkage is an unfortunate reality. Booster Oil can be use to expand the shrink sponge to an certain extent. So before discarding your shrink rubber, you are welcome to try expanding that rubber by using 1 layer of oil and wait 12-27 hours (according to the environment) for it to dry and flatten down before checking the size and/or gluing.

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