Xiom TMXi Pro Blade


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TMX, a new concept special material selected by An Jaehyun.

This is a blade designed by the Xiom blade R&D team to place the next-generation composite new material ‘TMX(TRIMETRIX)’ close to the center of the blade for the sensuous and powerful performance desired by An Jaehyun, a member of Xiom Stars and the national table tennis player of Korea.

The delicate vibration value setting of TMX to help control the ball in the strong topspin attack situation that An Jaehyun wiill give you an experience of dominating the game with a resilient ball and amazing sense that you ahve never felt before.


Type: OFF+

Thickness: 5,9mm

Head Size: 160mm x 152mm

Weight: 90g +/-

Ply: 5+2

Made in Korea