Xiom Vega X Rubber

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VEGA X – In celebration of VEGA’s 10th Anniversary

Now XIOM proudly releases VEGA X. While maintaining the strength of VEGA PRO, we’ve upgraded the overall performance. It is the perfective rubber in every way.

The sponge is quite hard (47,5°) and non-reactive. What you put in, is what you get. In the short-short game over the table and at passive strokes the rubber will act slow. At fast movements and when hit with power, the rubber will be fast. This transition from slow to fast is very smooth and linear. There are no unpleasant, surprising reactions from the rubber. This helps to build a relationship and trust to the rubber.

Colours: Red/Black/Magenta
Sponge Hardness: 47.5
When choosing a Colour (Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green) rubber on the one side, Black rubber is required for the other side.

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Colour and Sponge

Red Max, Black Max, Magenta Max