Oukei TW2700-V3 Robot


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The TW2700-V3 is an upgrade from the TW-2700-V1 Robot, with additional features:

– Free standing unit, allows the robot to be placed further back from the table, which allows for a stronger and more realistic topspin or backspin drill.

– Increased amount of spin

Other features includes:

1. Structure: Large diameter double rotating wheel structure

2. Ball spin: three different rotations (normal, topspin, backspin)

3. Ball frequency: 30 ~ 100 (balls / minute)

4. Ball speed: 4 ~ 40 (m / s)

5. Positioning of the ball: 5 position points.

6. Self-programming: according to your own training requirements, a program can be created (combination ball), which can be replaced, saved and used at any time.

7. Serving mode: (three kinds) (1) Fixed point mode: randomly select a landing point to serve (2) Random mode: 1 ~ 5 points (3) Self-edit mode: you can edit the combination mode of the drop point you want between 5 drop points

8 Controls: wireless remote control

9. Automatic recycling ball function: The robot has a foldable recycling net, which automatically recycles the balls in the ball net to the machine.

10. Automatic filtering of small debris and dust, keeping the pipeline smooth. Digital control of shooting head swing angle, more stable and accurate landing

11. Memory function: automatic memory programming and placement

12. Free Accessories:
– Ball Collection Net
– Spare spin gears
– 50 Training balls (more balls can be purchased separately)

13. Packing volume: 93 * 43 * 43cm, Total weight: 16kg, Net weight: 12kg

* Price excludes delivery, delivery price can be calculated once delivery address is provided

Youtube Demo Video (TW2700-V1)

User manual (13mb)