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Stiga Defensive Pro Blade

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Defensive Pro is ideal for the counter-attacking defensive player with high quality chops and powerful offensive strokes. It has a larger sweet spot in comparison to traditional defensive blades thanks to the slightly enlarged head and two carbon layers. Defensive Pro was developed in close collaboration with Masato Shiono in order to find the perfectly adjusted defensive blade specially developed for modern defenders who not only rely on their defensive qualities, but also use every opportunity to attack.


  • Defensive 7-ply blade with offensive characteristics yet outstanding control.
  • The perfect weapon for modern choppers mixing defensive and offensive strokes.
  • Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Sweden.
  • Developed for the ABS-ball.
  • Developed in close collaboration with Masato Shiono.
  • Slightly enlarged head in comparison to traditional blades.
  • Two carbon layers for increased sweet spot and stability..




Elasticity: Stiff
Material: Wood + Carbon Fiber
Style: DEF
Veneer: 5+2
Control 78
Speed: 73

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