We’ve done it!!

We've done it!!
Cassel is going to the World Championships!!

Update at around 3 p.m. (SA Time) on May 12, 2023, of the fundraising:
We have hit our target to raise a revised (reduced) target of R34000. We are at R38000.
Donors from around the world contributed to this cause, with table tennis fans and over a dozen national players from Taiwan contributing to over 50% of the total raised within the past 36 hours too. This included a school team of 27 players (13–18 years old) contributing what little spending money they had to this cause. I was extremely touched.
We also received very generous contributions from the USA, Canada, Nigeria, India, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This included a lady that is not involved with table tennis donating R6000 and a gentleman donating twice; his words were during the second time when I checked if he made a mistake by donating twice: “Trying to help get (the kids) there faster”.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the 60 or so people that made this possible and SATTB for providing Cassel complimentary tickets to the value of R18200.
On Monday, May 8, 2023, our initial target was to raise R68200. Through the removal of ticket costs and seeking cost savings around accommodation, transportation, and meals, a revised R34000 was deemed the breakeven point to make the trip possible.
The proceeds of the fundraising will go towards the trip, and any excess will be put towards resources for table tennis development at the club.
Cassel is going to the World Championships.
Thank you all for making this happen.
(Photos and videos of the trip will be shared soon)

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